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Self esteem and weight loss surgery 


Self esteem and weight loss 

Self esteem and weight loss surgery are often closely connected. While you don’t need surgery to feel good about yourself, some people find that it is helpful. At HWLS, we understand that self-esteem is a personal issue. It affects how you think and feel about your body, including your body’s size, shape and weight. While weight loss surgery is not right for everyone, some people who struggle with their weight find that significant weight loss can increase their self-esteem.

Having poor self-esteem and a negative body image can also affect your lifestyle behaviours. This can include not exercising enough, making poor food choices, or comfort eating. Feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable with your body can also make exercising in public feel less enjoyable. For people who are obese, these worries can be affected by serious medical conditions that can further complicate diet and exercise practices.

If your self-esteem gets in the way of doing what you would like to do, weight loss surgery may help. An important part of the weight loss journey at Heidelberg Weight Loss Surgery is about how you feel. Our bariatric psychologists, dieticians and exercise physiologists are here to support you through your weight loss journey.

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self esteem and weight loss surgery



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